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The Last Moon

This song is by Zyon and appears on the album The Wishing Star (2001).

Day falls, I'm comatose, crippled and mangled, I see comfort, the horizon, it sweeps through me like candy, soothes me, it moves me, when I have nothing, no one to depend on, the clock ticks and tocks, it never stops for me, still I wait for the night, I wait for peace of mind, I wait for my chance to shine, I wait for peace in life, I wait for me...
It's a short race... a race for time. this is just a game... so stay in line. So come on lets play... I played the game, Before we fade... A race for time, this is just a game... So stay in line. So come on lets play, until we fade away...
Beg for the day, we all fade away, we all turn to sand, we all fade away, waiting for paradise...
Tonight I wait to die... We wait to die

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