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Song 34

This song is by Zuba and appears on the album South Of Eden (1998).

1) Right about the time I wrote this song
I had a dream I was living this life I live
Not drifting away like a leaf on a fall day
That's how I feel sometimes when I'm awake
Hallucination can tell a truth like a pulled tooth
When your asleep your body turns your mind loose
Let it go let it go, I'm lettin go tryin' to enjoy that show
'Cause if I break awake and the world still spins
I break from insecurity got to find some purity
Oh my god in my mind
There's a sad collaboration of classic hesitation
I'm a fool drawn to a fool led by the fool
Said I'm a fool drawn to a fool led by the fool

2) now secrets temptation and the abstract
Living in a metephor I find myself freaking out
"It's all good" I could say
But when the shit hits the fan I'll be on my way
Cause truth morality that ain't real
Music emotion and death that's the real deal
The question is which side your on
Cause one can be weak and one can be strong
When your up against the wall
Whos the one that you'll call
Will you reach down grab hold of some of your pride
Or reach beneath the floor boards and die

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