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This song is by Zos Kia and appears on the EP Rape (1985).

Fear holds me
Fear holds me
Knife at my throat
Vicious visions of hell
He does it
Alone with my nightmare
Hot trucks
Vicious visions of hell
'Teach you, I
Hate you, I
I hate you, I
Kill you I
I teach you I'
Hatred in his eyes
'Teach you, I'
Only gloating for you my sweet
Cold logic in the act
Holds me
'Come on'
By the brutality of the act
It's pain
All danger, violence, fear (panic)
React (danger, violence, fear)
Hot... prick...
Hot hard prick rammed down my throat
Bite, kick
Knife, silence
No release
My body hovers on the edge
Out still by the knife
And a prick
Rape, savage, savage
Hot lonely desert pounding in hot waves
Distant darkness
The silence
There's no release
'Scream girl scream'
Coming back here
To this cold grave