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​The Armageddon Anthem

This song is by Zonaria and appears on the album Infamy and the Breed (2007).

The Armageddon Anthem is Track 4 on Zonaria's Album Infamy And The Breed.

The slaying of the heavens
Reflecting your evil
Now it can't be undone

Infesting the nations
And raping their faith
They struggle for nothingness
You're about to lose control

As every creation
There's none responding
All will return to dust

No shelter for the living
And none for the dead
'Cause by your blood you swore
For the world to be no more

Armageddon - The end of all life
I'm chained to the ground
As the skies comes crashing down

Embracing world termination
Facing the final annihilation
My efforts in their creations
But soon it all will fall...