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Hey Weirdos

This song is by Zombina and The Skeletones.

Hey Weirdos, ha ha ha,
It's time for terror,
The crypt of dark secrets penetrates beyond the darkness
Where the dead do return to live again,
The twisted nightmares of those who have gone beyond the grave,
And return possessing inoccent young bodies,
In an unspeakable whirlpool of demonic madness
And sexual possession!

And from behind the tombstone maybe you will see...
The monsters crash the pyjama party,
She was beautiful, Desirable and not altogether human.

See Frankenstein, in person, go into the audience
And carry screaming girls from their seats,
See The the heads of spectators chopped off
And thrown into the audience,
See vampire people!

A new dimension in shock like spending a night in a grave,
In horror vision and colour,
You paid for the whole seat but you'll only use the edge!

In the event of a coronary, insanity or death suffered due to the program
The producers or theatre cannot be held liable in any way.

We warn you... Horror Vision is not 3D!
Not 3D!
Not 3D!
Not 3D!

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