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This song is by Zombina and The Skeletones.

Well, I'm a-makin' me a friend, just to ease my pain,
(Shock-shock, shock-shock a horror-horror)...
Bringin' me a woman back from the grave,
(Shock-shock, shock-shock a horror-horror)...
She's the best girl in the neighbourhood,
Electricution never felt so good.
She ain't no bride of Frankenstein but she's my Zombina,
And she's mine-mine-mine (woo!)
Frankenlady. She my baby.
Frankenlady drive me crazy.
Oh, that Frankenlady - now, she's my baby, baby tonight,
A-tonight, a-ton-n-n-n-n-n-night, alright!
I lay my creation down on the slab.
It's the biggest thrill that I ever had.
She the kinda girl with the evil brain.
She the kinda woman gonna drive me insane.
The the kinda girl with the lazy eye,
She's the livin' dead an' she's fine-fine-fine (woo!)
Open my eyes and what do I see?
Some doctor guy just a-cacklin' at me!
He took me by the hand and he asked me to dance.
I looked him in the eye an' said, 'not a chance',
20 minutes later I was feelin' fine.
Now that mad professor is mine-mine-mine (woo!)

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