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Ape Man

This song is by Zombina and The Skeletones and appears on the album Taste The Blood Of Zombina And The Skeletones (2002).

All I need is an ape man to hold in my arms,
Thriller gorilla to keep me safe from harm,
I wanna date a chimpanzee and feel that King Kong vibe,
Simian Don Juan monkey business is really gonna blow my mind.

Woah, he's gotta be an ape man.

All I need is a banana and a king-size net,
If I'm gonna catch that ape man for my pet,
I wouldn't date a wolfman or the creature from the black lagoon,
But you can't go wrong with the son of Kong or a Frankenstein baboon.

I just got a phonecall from the agency,
They said they got that monkey there for me.
And if you listen closely... you can hear him stomping into town!
I'm goin' out with all my money to buy me a wedding gown.

He's gotta be ape for me.

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