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Trash Madonna

This song is by Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction.

I see the power of religion in the sway of her butt
Worlds collide and empires fail for the love of this slut
Santa Maria in Azzedine Alia pouring gasoline on the sacred fire
Man if she were a car
She'd be an E-type jaguar
She's a trash madonna
An icon of sleaze
A trash madonna
A porno-mytheating tastee freeze
Helen of Troy in a wet T-shirt
Pagan demolition in a micro skirt
Mystery girl, babylon's whore
Delilah with a chainsaw busting down the door
Come on baby let's get wrecked
Lose what's left of our self respect
God created woman and the Devil made her bad
Girls can confuse but only women drive you mad
Trash madonna
An icon of sleaze
Trash madonna, a porno myth eating tasteee freeze
Freeze frame Venus, pause and unload
Sex magic on the carpet
Think of Brigitte Bardot Temptation under tungsten
Someone send for Moses, the golden calfs throwing cheesecake poses...
Marooned in perpetual adolescence skewered on the stiletto heel at Astarte Syriaca
The bitch Goddess