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​Tomorrow Belongs To The Love Reaction

This song is by Zodiac Mindwarp.

Erotic Chaos, God ain't dead.
I'm the favourite Son of Madness and I want your, head.
Your women are virgins till they've had me.
I don't love what you are but what you could be.
See me slide like maniacs dream.
Take my hand and I'll make you clean.
You're lost in a technicolour maze,
I'll save you baby from this alcohol daze.
Tomorrow belongs to the love reaction.
Less than an angel more than a beast,
I'm a panther, you're the feast.
Star Wars Baby, the monkey's got it gun.
The reptile smiles and shoots out the sun.
Swallow dive down to your fever pool,
I swim to the bottom, steal your jewel.
Skull Ride baby, trip my face,
Holy Fool, Sanctified Grace.
Tomorrow belongs to the love reaction...
Chemical epiphanies, waves on a black beach.
White bones reclaimed by the Ocean,
In every dream and every nightmare,
My dominion is eternal