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Music Inspired By Sunrise, A film By F.W Murnau (1997)Edit

  1. Woman Of The City
  2. The Waiting
  3. Meeting By The Swamp
  4. Come To The City
  5. The Skeem
  6. Couldn't She Get Drowned?
  7. Trip To The City
  8. The City
  9. Where's My Love?
  10. At The Barbers'
  11. At The Photographers'
  12. Casino Swing
  13. Pig Chase
  14. Peasant Dance
  15. 3 Angels Song
  16. A New Moon
  17. The Storm
  18. The Gathering Of The Man
  19. The Search
  20. The Return
  21. Sunrise
  22. Coda
  23. Giving Up The Hero
  24. Couldn't She Get Drowned

I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress (1998)Edit

Zita Swoon - I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress
I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress
  1. She = Like Meeting Jesus
  2. Ragdoll Blues
  3. Still Half My Friend?
  4. The Rabbit Field
  5. Song For A Dead Singer
  6. One Perfect Day
  7. About The Successful Emotional Recovery Of A Gal Named Maria
  8. Our Daily Reminders
  9. My Bond With You And Your Planet: Disco!
  10. Stamina
  11. 50 Years In Dope Jittery
  12. The French Trombone
  13. Best Wishes To Everybody
  14. Ragdoll Blues
  15. The Night I Was Going To Die
  16. 6th Night
  17. How Can I Resist Kissing Her on The Cheeks?
  18. Hi-ho Bar Waltz
  19. Natalie Laughs
  20. Greetings from Waikiki
  21. I Need New Animals

Life = A Sexy Sanctuary (2001)Edit

Zita Swoon - Life A Sexy Sanctuary
Zita Swoon
  1. Fun For Free
  2. Hot Hotter Hottest
  3. People Are Slamming Doors
  4. My Heart Belongs To Someone Else (I Wish It Was Mine)
  5. Teacher
  6. The Bananaqueen
  7. The Quiet Place In My City Mind
  8. Nice (I Hope That When I Wake Up The World Will Still Look This Nice)
  9. Josiewitchgirl
  10. Moving Through My Life As Prey

A Song About A Girls (2004)Edit

Zita Swoon - A Song About A Girls
A Song About A Girls
  1. Me & Josie on A Saturday Night
  2. Intrigue
  3. Hey You, Watshadoing?
  4. Selfish Girl
  5. De Quoi A Besoin De L' Amour?
  6. Sad Water
  7. Clair Obscure
  8. Josiesomething
  9. Thinking About You All The Time
  10. 100
  11. Individu Animal
  12. Remember To Withhold

Big City (2007)Edit

Zita Swoon-Big City
Big City
  1. Pretty Girl
  2. I Feel Alive In The City
  3. Everything is Not The Same
  4. Series Of Dreams
  5. Je Range
  6. Humble
  7. L'Opaque Paradis
  8. Dare To Love
  9. Big City
  10. Infinite Down
  11. The Night
  12. Oser Aimer

Other SongsEdit

  1. Hey You, Whatshadoing
  2. Ice Guitars
  3. My Bond With You And Your Planet: Disco!
  4. The Quiet Place In My Mind

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