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This song is by Zimmer's Hole and appears on the album Bound By Fire (1997).

Is that hurting you?
Oh come on just try one more time... la la la la la la la... here it comes
Oh! The look on your face is... oh! Oh, no... no, tit! No don't do that... no...
Oh, that's it? No, there's more coming. Here it comes for you... la la la la la la la... what?
I don't trust you guys. It's gotta be something really bad
Oh, you don't know how bad. It's going to be so bad for you... la la la la la la... Here it comes
Ok, ok, ok
Are you ready?
Doooooh! doooooh! doooh!
Yeah I like that, oh yeah. No no no no! La la la la la la
Doooooh! doooooh!
Oh yes, oh yes. This feels so nice

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