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It's Goona Be Allright

This song is by Zididada and appears on the album Happy Fool (2002).

Release date: 30. September 2002
Album: Happy Fool

It's gonna be all right

Every now and then, I get this feelin' girl, you have a doubt within your heart how can I convince you? I'm not leavin' you know I loved you from the very start

Every morning when I see, that you're lying next to me uuuuuuuh I'm in love! you don't have to be afraid, let me tell it to you straight I'm here for you

It's gonna be all right, it's gonna be A - OK I'm gonna stay by your side, girl you make my day it's gonna be all right, don't worry 'bout me I'm gonna stay by your side, I'm as happy as can be it's gonna be all right, girl you make day

Hopefully one day you will believe me you're the only one on my mind every time we kiss you make me dizzy girl, you are my favourite waste off time

Girl, I'll never let you be, lonely without me I'm gonna stay forever you are my destiny, the only one for me can't you see

(Chorus... outro)

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