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Solid Bound

This song is by Zerolacrime and appears on the album Demo (2006).

No one can break your eyes, you will be your tomorrow You want to break all the hope of my time, no care about a feeling inside, you find enjoyment, you watching the pain. All of my dreams you want it dies. No one right here gave me something free (here fight for...), no one has heard my voice ask here what I have earned Never a complaint, never a baton, never free pass, however I did my time. Living a reason to not justify, body and soul, more I've my friends. You can't understand what I feel here inside, now hear my voice memorize all. Keep your mouth shut and eat your own tongue, I rise all my hate forgetting my sorrow, now you are down and I am so far, got is my goal, to say you have nothing (Solid) the bound I feel here deep inside me

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