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Set Aside

This song is by Zerolacrime and appears on the album Demo (2006).

The asses float on the gold while there all is a wait just to die, evidence of the odds 'bout the line of separation. Wasting the add of all the greed we cannot take away, here all the hands are out to take and not to give. So spoiled to ask and without sense, we have already all, we are the complaint wanting more. The hunger of all the section, who dies and always in anyway, their call for an answer, and nothing again there, so lack of health, of prevention, no cure against any disease, sad eyes, less tomorrow So how to rise from all this nothing? set aside, not a reason to be thrown as a discard of you all This world is broken the neo colonialism, the wall's unbroken and so remain now. No way, no gain, backwardness of them all. Ranking so down a side of hope where all decays so bare, forgotten eyes, abuse of all we have got. Lacking preys of a redemption from a consumerism, our society on us Stop!

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