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This song is by Zeroethplace.

Woke up yesterday
Thinking everything would be okay
Knowing that you would never leave
My side.

Went over to you at about noon
I felt a feeling I never felt before
Went over to knock on the door

Looked down note sitting on the floor
Had my name written on it.
Decided hey how about I open it
Saw that the ink was running

I knew you were crying
It said I'm over you
I said nothing and running

Okay I'm a wuss I cried
Knew nobody could replace you

But I sucked it up went to the show
Knew I had to earn some dough
I came up with song to make
The tables turn and make your
Heart burn.

I hate you ill kill you
Why do you want do this
Brake me off when
We are at our best

All the life floods the floor
The moshpit asking for more
So ill slam the door

Blood dripping down my face
With the front of my car slammed
Into my face

All this energy made want to goto
Your house but I couldn't I had to be draged
My car smashed like my face.
The hospital was the place.

Now yous sit at my funeral
Thinking everything is okay
This all happened the day I got

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