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Stupid People (Make Me Angry)

This song is by Zero Cipher and appears on the album 45 Minutes Of Fairytale Endings / 45rpm (2003).

Don't like it? Don't listen
Go waste your time with yourself
Stop hiding, complaining
If you're so great you can do anything
But you've worked out nothing at all
Just kept your head down
Buried deep in your hole

Here's a taste, here's the best thing to me
Because I already am, what I said I would be
And I'll wipe that smile off
Then you'll see that
Stupid people make me angry

Now hear me
Don't push it
Hiding yourself from the truth
So loud mouth
Just shut up
It's time you learned to move on
With your life
Never get in my way again
You don't see that you're
Left with nothing at all

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