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My Statement Of Misintent

This song is by Zero Cipher and appears on the album Diary Of A Sadist (2005).

You open wide, then you turn it away
Instead of insisting, take my meat from the bone like I'm a raw steak
I wanna go home

Disconnect me, levitate me
Wrap me up here so succinctly
And plug it in, baby inch by inch
'Cause I don't think I can take another minute

B-b-b-b-bounce, so I bounced up and down
Just like you said when I wanted to leave town screaming
One two three momma put me to bed soon
No one gets off lightly when they open up this spoon

This spoon

Numbers, now we're talking numbers

"Public enemy, number one, at you're service
Up close and personal, sticks and stones,
Shit man, bring your tanks, and all the whores who ever sanctioned their invention
My intention is not to come across there like,
I'm the man, but if you want to raise the subject,
Here I am - pleased to meet ya, hope you guessed my name
Let's just say the Vatican burns if I get my way"

Disconnect me, entertain me,
Wrap me up here in your bullshit
And stick it in, baby inch by inch

Disconnect me