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Little Miss Naughty

This song is by Zero Cipher and appears on the album 45 Minutes Of Fairytale Endings / 45rpm (2003).

Everyone knows that your girlfriends a whore
'Cause she spreads her fucking legs right open for ever motherfucker
In town and says she's yours

Now she's loaded again
And we all now just how it ends

Turn away you can tell
She thinks of me when you fuck her

When did imply it? when I said it, when I said it, yeah
Sometimes I like to sit and think
Just why you put up with her shit and I wonder

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, you'll never last
Maybe it's because you've got a big fat ass

So look away, 'cause I told you I was better than you
And it's true, it's a shame that you never learnt to think things through
So can you take it, you can't change it, rearrange it
As the picture fades, with no fairy tale ending.

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