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Class A Ladykiller

This song is by Zero Cipher and appears on the album Diary Of A Sadist (2005).

Well I'm just building up to this full head of steam
I got the temperature rising I got high self esteem
'Cause I'm a natural
So you drop to your knees
Step out the drivers seat
And hand over the keys
I got your fix

Yeah - you're nothing special
Drop me into your mouth, then you'll grow 60ft tall


Bend me shake me anyway you want, sing it
Bend me shake me anyway you want

Yeah, I'm a predator, and I was raped by a bull
I got a sharp suit on, you watch me take to the floor
And see me in control
Lick your lips, taste the rush
Keep drinking alcohol
I got the cure for your lust,
It's right here baby

Bend me shake me anyway you want

Yeah - I'm someone special
I can reach for the stars, like I'm 60ft tall, thanks to you

Bend me shake me anyway you want

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