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Oh No

This song is by Zero-One! and appears on the album Zero-One! (1980).

It's late
I come home
I'd like to talk to somebody
But there's no one to phone

I sit down
Turn on the set
Watch the American hero
As I slowly get wrecked
It's just the kind of a day
I think I'd like to forget
There goes that knock on the door
Oh no

Oh get lost
Oh get loved
I'd like to go tell my boss
To get himself stuffed

He's rich
So big deal
You've got to live with rats
Before you know how it feels
He's got to double his act
To make half of it real
He's such a jerk off the phone
Oh no

Look up
Get down
I watch the mechanized stuff
As it spins me around

I can't breathe
I like to move
I kick a hole in the set
'Cause I don't like the news
They're always there when you win
And then they leave when you lose
Please pick me up off the floor
Oh no

Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no
Oh no

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