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Do Do Something

This song is by Zelma O'Neal.

Oh, honey! Oh, honey!I wonder why you act so funny?
When we should be making love?
Gee, I'm willin', oh so willing,
But nothing that you do seems thrilling,
I look for your pettin'; And where am I gettin'?

There's the moon, way up high,
Here are you, and here am I,
Oh, do, do, do something!
Ain't been hugged, Ain't been kissed,
Wanna to see what I've missed,
Oh do, do, do something!

I got the time and a place, and a place and a time, I know,
I got a bench and a park, and a park and a bench, and all.

Other pairs, makin' haste,
Look at me, going to waste,
Oh do, do, do something!
Summer night, stars galore,
What have we been waitin' for? We're alone,
Do, do, do, do, ba ba bubba, ba ba ba
It's been told, and explained
Nothin' tried and nothin' gained,
Do, do, do, do, somethin' to me

Got a hug and a kiss and kiss and a hug or two,
Gonna give some away, wanna give some away, to you!

Sittin' 'round, seems so dumb,
Aw, hurry dear, come, come come!
Oh do, do, do, do, do, somethin'!

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