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Political Mindz

This song is by Zeki.

Eyoo life ain't no bitch like nas told us
We got it from God, so we gotta protect it like soldiers
Gotta keep movin movin, prove that we struggle 'n' fight
Been thuggin' whole my life, so its time to do something right
Kodie said; fight life, either you live it up or give it up
I live it up to maximum man that's wassup
'Cause everyday I'm tryin', try to change the world
But it seems like I'm just flyin, no cares about a bird
And the bird, homie the bird is me
Seein tha global chaos, seein world war III
No joke, I ain't kiddin man, someday it will come
If we continue like this, no one cares about none
No one cares about tha broken homes and the homeless
Raised without no food, no school, no water (GOD BLESS)
But no one cares, it's like I'm gettin' punched in my face
As human beeings, honestly we gotta change
Today when I walk ma streets I gotta watch ma back
'Cause I never now when its time to get backstabbed
The world ain't safe, we've made it to a damn jungle
Violence everywere, it's like the world gettin' crumbled
Ghetto immigrants, ain't gettin' some jobs
Got a wife n 6 kids, society send 'em to slums
It's like government want 'em to sell drugs
It's like a trap, it's like a shortcut to the damn judge
U can't belivie it, but I swear it's the truth
We gotta fight, we can't just say: The world is cruel
Revolution, from now that's our way to get by
I am Z, but homie I'm stealin Malcolm X mindz
I'm smart, I'm young, here to set my thangs done
I'll gather an army, comin' straight outta tha slum
N still we all got the same damn motto
Fight 24/7 'cause we know we could die tomorrow!

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