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Thrones For The Worthy, Graves For The Rest

This song is by Zegota.

Feel! I'm still here and just as real
Is this where we're left?
Down, down, down
Wandered in on this
Lost on my own over time
Inside I find
Love I've never known
There are things we should see
Given the chance
Hearts may dance
Though no safety lies with this
If everything's at stake
Yet there's nothing left to lose
So intense,
Let loose in open fields
Every chance and
Every risk
All for life
And all for love
And all with honesty
What politic can save me now?
Now I'm gone
No one understood
That I did all I could
With knives in my veins
And the poison on my tongue
What sort of dawn is this?
It beckons from within
Soar through the sky
Crawl through the dirt
Look into the fire
And beyond the flames
Don't let your eyes fall heavy with judgments
Don't stay content
Don't save yourself
Bit if your eyes fall heavy with judgment
And you stay content
And you save yourself
Then don't stay with me
Don't stay with me
Don't stay with me
Don't stay with me