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A Medley Of Previously Released Songs

This song is by Zegota.

Where's the passion What's your fuel Are you out there Are you still alive Where might we take ourselves Are we willing to go What's willing to become of us Anywhere
Here What's willing Anywhere out of here Everywhere out of here Exist Time and time and time and time again Reject their system Reject their ways Reject what's bought and sold Time and time and time again Bought and sold Bought and sold Will you be bought and sold Who's fucking lied
Tears I've cried
Dreams I've had Frustrations end
Forced me
Made me
Everything Time to fly
This time
Not then
Outlook Smile
Made it mine
We'll share
It's ours now Ours now
Made for you
Made for me Time to fly
Time to fly We'll fly We'll fly!

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