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A Matter Of Paths To Choose

This song is by Zegota.

As a glimmer of light and hope shines over our great canvas, we begin to perspire
Obey as conditioned or rebel into a life that we don't know
We burn inside over security versus survival and so. I fucking burn.
Time and time and time again
Reject their system, reject their ways
Reject what's bought and sold!
Time and time and time again
Bought and sold, bought and sold
You will be bought and sold
Who's fucking lied, tears I've cried, dreams I've had
Frustrations end, forced me, made me, molded, everything
Time to fly, realize, this time, not then, outlook
Smile, made it mine, we'll share, it's ours now
Ours now, made for you, made for me
Time to fly, time to fly
We'll fly
We'll fly!

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