Zed Yago:Pilgrimage Lyrics

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Zed Yago
This song is performed by Zed Yago.
Zed Yago is leaving the twilight zone
the human body now it's her own
A gift of god of the devil too
this pact she has to satisfy soon
it's still the rain that shakes the universe

A pilgrimage is the go between disgust and dignity,
A pilgrimage is the go between, rich and mad,
proud and sad, free the spirit of its chain.

United allies swear blood and pain
one for all and all for one again
They're out to find the lost fantasy
remembering the human tragedy
its still the rain that shakes the universe.

Some hideous lies in a fairy tale
demolish every paradise,
only venties are not for sale
and won't destroy your sacrifice.

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