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Swing Set

This song is by Zebraplop.

The trees are growing and they're trying lose me.
I'm the same size of small.
Sometimes I spill my petals, but
Baby, you're across the garden from my liking.

I want the spark that Heaven told me about.
I think I'd like to go there, don't mind me,
I'll sink with the summer and slip right away.

But you just keep pulling me back.
This town's had it's eyes on my faith.

And I never cared a bit about the swing sets,
Because they never got their rust on me.

I sense a smiling by the fountain after three o' clock.
The train was leaving for the gold hanging in the

"Darling, I won't stay here much longer. "
"It's beam is dull, so can't you see
I like the mountains, but baby, I crave the stars."

I'm told you're tradition, but I want the new.

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