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The Legion Of Vengeance

This song is by Zavorash and appears on the album N.A.S.D. (2006).

The Legion Of Vengeance

(Text: T.Scorn, Music: I.Hate)

A passed sacrifice unknown to the living - All these kingdoms sacked
Goals justifying means - Vengeance on banners black
Preachers of truth - Teachers of practicality
Representatives of inhumanity - Symbols of moral insanity
Children of lies - Fathering the irrefutable
Children that died - As aliens to the incurable
The most ancient lineage - The clarity of boiling blood
Of all genders and races - Behold the legion rise from the mud
A force unknown yet feared by the living - An intellectual fascist pact
Means justifying goals - Vengeance on banners black.

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