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Turn To Gold Blues

This song is by Zatopeks.

My heart grows cold and turns to stone

Sit and I watch the sun sink, the city turns to gold

It tears my soul in two, I'm leaving here

I'm sick of all these words...

She was sixteen and chasing dreams

Took a trip to London town where she found out what self-preservation means

Yeah, she's old somehow, she's wiser now

Than the people on the street where the rain pours down in streams

Just to wash away the dreams

Things turning sour, four quid an hour

Working down South Ealing, yeah well, she's stacking shelves all day

She's not the kind to shout, man she's breaking out

With the minimum of fuss she's jumped the nearest bus

Just a V-sign for the rest of us

I got your letter yesterday, the only words it said:

'My heart grows cold...'

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