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Turkish Bread Chronicle

This song is by Zatopeks.

Smoked a joint down at the bus stop

With that cute German girl with dreads

Took my seat, it's nearly 2am, a few more braincells dead

Greek girl sitting next to me, we ate Turkish bread

And talked about the European Union - it's effects on the Greek economy

She said 'ship', I thought she said 'sheep'

She put her head upon my shoulder, yeah, we drifted off to sleep

Before you realise everyone is gone, the building is empty

The lights are still on, talk into the morning

Goodbyes are said, what am I left with?

A broken heart and a loaf of this half-eaten Turkish bread

She told me 'bout her life in Greece - society built around debate

Is that the German border? Man, I hope this bus will be delayed

They sit around just dodging work exactly like we do at home

'And just remember, boy, that Athens is much prettier than Rome'

And before you realise everyone is gone

The buildings they're empty the lights they're still on

Walk into the morning where goodbyes are said

But what am I left with? Yeah before I realise

The Greek girl she's gone the bus is nearly empty

The lights are coming on, she disembarks at Amsterdam

A few goodbyes are said, I take another bite

Of this delicious Turkish bread

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