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The Summer I Fell In Love With Jimmy's Girl

This song is by Zatopeks.

There's some kind of commotion by the jukebox machine

A sea of leather jackets and tight blue jeans, oh yeah

And they're going for me 'cause I got myself all tangled up

All upside-down and dummy-struck oh yeah

Because of just one thing and I know she's Jimmy's girl

But I love her, the guys at the Hop don't seem to understand

She's got me in a whirl I'm in trouble and now's the time that I up and ran

The cops pulled me over at the side of the road

Said 'Get out of town son, this is gonna explode in your face

Those guys are coming after you'

So I hitched a ride out to Dead Man's Curve

And rued the day I fell in love and threw it all away

And I know she's Jimmy's girl...

Jimmy and the Vipers found me up at the pass

I could have sworn this Friday night on Earth was gonna be my last

But I stood my ground like I was greeting old friends

'Cause someday every jukebox record must come to an end

Jimmy clapped his hands, his boys moved in for the kill

Then I heard the Giant's T-Bird cruising slowly up the hill

I turned and smiled, said 'You've got one choice

I think you'd better run, here come the Zatopek boys'

And I know she's Jimmy's girl...

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