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The Night Spider Earned His Colours

This song is by Zatopeks.

Well don't you know I'm number one in this town
But I don't mind when the girls like another guy's style
But the word was on the street from the Rebel Rock Insider
There's a new kid hanging round and he calls himself the Spider

And the girls know DeNiro is a tolerant man
To all the local gangs I know I like to lend a helping hand
But things were getting kind of crazy and the only choice I saw
Was a drag race at the point, we've got to lay down the law

And the moon was shining high above Rebel Point that night
As Spider's Chevy slowly topped the hill yeah yeah
He stepped out on the curb and leaned real casual on the hood
Said 'some guys have been hanging round, look like they're up to no good'

And he seemed the kind of cat who liked to play it straight
I took him at his word and said 'Let's get on with the race'
We jumped behind the wheels and dropped the lights down low
Just as the Giant raised the flag and shouted '1-2-3-Go!'

Well the race was neck and neck until the final curve
We saw some Vipers on the line, I guess we both had to swerve
I took a headcount we were looking at a ten versus two
Spider shrugged it off, he dug it, man he knew what to do

In three seconds flat he'd put Jimmy on the floor
The Vipers backing off they were not liking what they saw
I lit a smoke, shook his hand, said 'Kid, I guess you're alright
I wonder, son, you want to cruise with the Zatopeks tonight?'

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