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Mary Lou

This song is by Zatopeks.

You broke my heart and everything in sight

All I wanted was to feel all right but now you left me

I don't know what to do

Stamped my foot and broke my shoe

My blood ran red I sang the blues for Mary Lou

We had a fight, I don't know what I did

You took the car and left me with kids

Now I'm stook here, drinking all alone

Stamped my foot...

Oh I don't care what they say about you my love

I don't care what they think about me

'Cause every time I look into your eyes I know our love was meant to be

So I was sat there, drinkin' all alone, I heard a car

I thought that she'd come home but she just slapped me

Snapped my guitar, drove down to the roadhouse

Where we kissed for the first time, I bought a hooker

Just to get you off my mind, can't pay my bills now

Crying in the dark

Stamped my foot...

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