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Deniro Come On

This song is by Zatopeks.

Sat in a booth watching the ice melt on my Cherry Coke

Sad songs on the jukebox, I opened up a pack of smokes

I heard a voice, well it was Jimmy of the Viper gang

He said 'I wanna discuss something, this feud's been going on too long

DeNiro come on, oh, don't you know that we don't have to fight?

Hey man, you know we only get one life, DeNiro come on'

I smelled a rat, and man I know that Jimmy packs a blade

These Vipers live for drinkin', fightin', baby, gettin' laid

'Jimmy boy, oh man I think that we should step outside

Drag race at Rebel Point at midnight, Jimmy, be there or you die'

'DeNiro come on...'

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