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​Planetary Re-Install

This song is by Zaraza.

Our task destroyed
I won't, I don't
Believe that we
Can do better next time

Your offspring
Their suffering
Does not mean a thing
You left this world
We failed, yes we failed

Complete, our failure, complete
Complete, the chosen = the weak

So long have we been lost truly
So long have we looked up beautifully
But hate, but war, disease are still
With us, are still, too long, too long

Benevolent you're not
Malevolent you must be
I'd rather believe
You're not at all around me
There must just be
A path of light
Without, without
Your legacy of blood

Legacy of disdain

What will you do? Sacrifice me
Who will you kill? Sacrifice me
Who must be punished? Sacrifice me
Who will you banish? Sacrifice me

Shouldn't we all just be erased?
Shouldn't we all just be replaced?
Surely there must be a better way
Surely there must be a final escape

Sacrifice me, sacrifice me
We are not worthy, we caused this black dream
Sacrifice me, sacrifice me
Enough is enough