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Power Slipping

This song is by zahqo, features Haymaker and appears on the compilation The Friendship Album (2012).

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Being faithful is easy
When you're winning no one ever leaves
But when chaos starts to gather
They will let you down, you will see

The thunder, I can make it
Like if the drums of war could rain down
And with pops like guns fire sweetness
To the mouths of hungry ones when they come around

One by one they joined me
All at a time, they treat you bad
Do you feel your power slipping?
I can't take what you never had

Even in play
It's war that you made
And your penance is Discord

Color fades away
You know you lost the game
And the winner is Discord

You can cry but I won't feel
Its reality I steal
What will you do now with Discord?

I've been hurt and I feel used
Put away left out abused
You're gonna have to deal with Discord

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