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Luna's Ruse

This song is by zahqo, features Haymaker and appears on the album The Precursor (2013).

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Beyond the fields of grass
She left her tattered past
Fell into a tangled heap
Skyward all her thoughts did leap

Celestia didn't shine today
All our skies are dark and grey
She wonders how she lost her way
But now there is no way left to lose

Out past the setting sun
Way out where the moon becomes
An ancient dream of stars divine
Imprisoned her by their design

What force hid the warmth that flowed?
Chilled her step on every road?
Though these are the seeds she sowed
Can she find her way back? Luna's ruse

Way out here I rest, a dreamless sleep
In the walls, compressed, that I can't pass
Feeling lost, it glows, a beacon distant
In my shrouded throes, I'm not existent

Luna's ruse
Luna's ruse
Luna's ruse
Luna's ruse
Oh, Luna's ruse
Luna's ruse

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