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​Nice For A Change

This song is by Zahl and appears on the album Nice For A Change (2007).

Let's take the subway today
I know it sounds lazy
But we're going that way
And the traffic here's crazy

It's not that we're late
And I could walk all day
If I couldn't get a ride

But I just wanna sit down by your side
Just settle down and sit down for a little while
And ask you, what are you down for
Is it something I said before
I can't recall anymore
But tell you what, it's gonna be all right

We get ourselves into a fight
And we're at it till it's over
Sometimes takes all night
And I get tired of being sober

And whatever I missed
If this isn't bliss I don't know what is
And I'll sit down by your side

Why don't you change and be nice for a change

We shared the champagne now let's share the pain