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​Let's Not Worry

This song is by Zahl and appears on the album Nice For A Change (2007).

So nothing is ever good enough for us
We just complain and we can't adjust
Now, if you got your back up against the wall
Then all you can do is have a swing at the ball
Cause you got to lose it or have it all

But I'm not gonna buy that one more
I'm not gonna stall just like before

So nothing's ever good enough for us
Guess nothing's real if you can't trust
As for me I just can't decide
Under which rock I'm supposed to hide
'Cause I was told life is just a ride

Still, nothing is ever good enough for us
We lack the love and we lack the lust
And finding the words is such a heavy task
But all you got to do you just got to ask
'Cause I'm just tired of being stuck in the past

All of this stuff
Just puts me off
If we start again we'll never stop
Let's just get across

Cut to this to core
And let's not worry anymore