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Leave Me In

This song is by Zahl and appears on the album Nice For A Change (2007).

It's okay if there's a battle tonight
I'm right here and I'm ready to fight
I swear I'm gonna kick daylight
Serves him damn right

So go on say your prayers
But say them when I'm not there
Cause that God if he's there
All he had for me was fear

So please leave me in on this one
I can't do this alone

When I'm ready I hope I do
When I'm done I hope I'm through
And this is my advice to you
Don't blame the world for being cruel

So bow down and kiss that flag
Embrace that pain that was all you ever had
And if you miss that comfort of sadness
I can give it to you bad

The dream is not dead you just woke up too soon
And whatever's in your head, howl it at the Moon
'Cause I was out of line
Asking you about your hard times
Now you're selling lies and I'm buying
That's not getting anywhere

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