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Friday Nights

This song is by Zahl and appears on the album Nice For A Change (2007).

It seems like every woman is a widow
And every town is a shithole
I've been going for a week or two
Just trying to get through

Seems like every day is a battle
And every hand holds a bottle
Seems like every ghost in this world is on your back
To wear you down

But don't cry cause Friday nights are fun
Don't cry we'll find a place to run all night
And by tonight nobody will know why
There were tears in your eyes

Just like every gospel is sorrow
Like I can't pay back what I borrow
It's like every check bounces like the silicone chick's tits

It's like everyone is not a winner
And for every line the story is getting thinner
It's like the author didn't write from the heart
When she wrote my part

Why is it so cold here
Why am I so alone here
Let's go check out the lights
Let's go find out if the fish bites

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