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Born To Rain

This song is by Zahl and appears on the album Nice For A Change (2007).

I'm in no state to complain
'Cause I put my feelings on a train
And it's your one last shot
Can you hack it or not
When them clouds come on down

I've been sleeping off the buzz
And I've spent my share of your trust
It's a habit of mine I'll be wasting my time
Just anywhere is fine

So take a ride and learn to say goodbye
'Cause I'll miss you
I lie sometimes but this is true
You know I do

Now there's gotta be someone
Who can tell the difference if there is one
'Cause I spent my last clean shirt
My money is all spent
And my bridges all burnt

It's been a battle and a long drive
And it's not your average nine to five
It's like some days you had
You might be smiling but you look sad

So well I thought it through
There's me and there's me and you
Consider that's really few
I'll be lost without you there

So take a ride learn to say goodbye
'Cause I'm okay
It's just one of those days

So take a ride learn to say goodbye
I'll try and stay sane
But please don't make me explain
Cause baby we were born to rain
I know that sounds strange
But baby we were born to rain

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