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Little Kids

This song is by Zager and Evans.

One she was a little child
And I was
A little child
We were just little kids
We used to play together
But it wasn't long before
We weren't little anymore
I saw the little girl I knew
Like the morning dew

Frosted lips and ironed hair
Chocolate chips
And everywhere she goes
She takes her shadow
And a warm hello
A string of beads
From here we'll shoot
Some flower seeds
And at her heels a puppy dog
Content to be
A tag-a-long

Everybody used to say
Somewhere along the way
To me, "someday you'll marry her"
To me, "you'll marry her someday"

Now that day has come and gone
All is right
And nothing's wrong
It seems just yesterday
I heard someone
When she was a little child
As he was a little child
They were just little kids
They used to play together

Written by:

Rick Evans

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