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The Way I Feel

This song is by ZSK and appears on the split album ZSK / Blowing Fuse (1999) by ZSK and Blowing Fuse.

In my own
Set of rules
Narrow minded
As I am
Hope plays a
Frightened part
Blurred pictures
Never seem to rest
Someone plays
Pinball in my head
In my head
I grab my board
I sink into
My lonely thoughts

I wanna go away

Random destination stirs
My fantasy
Concrete walls
Turn into
A gallery of rotten memories
Mass communication fails tonight I am my own rancid video
- Directors cut - and I could live forever doing that

I wanna go away

And I will never forget the hours
With you
Hangin' round
With my friends
Thinking back
Still makes me cry
Makes me cry

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