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Crimes Of The Centuries

This song is by Z.e.t.a. X and appears on the album Feoh (2000).

They're only running around
There are people all around us
Different age
Different stages of understanding
We don't know anything about their problems
And we don't know how to solve them
And we don't know how to help them
And cannot see the way to lead them out

There are forces all around us
A different power
Different mean intentions
Can't do anything against their influence

And we don't know how to kill them
And we don't know how to save us
And we cannot see the light that leads us out

They're only running around
They never look to the ground
They are driven by the crimes they have committed day by day
You feel that evil is near
They sense that terror fear
The ghost of the past
The gates to oblivion
For the crimes of the centuries
Of the centuries

There is evil all around us
Different shapes
Different incarnations
Search about for our lost souls

And we don't know how to rescue
And we don't know who to bring to
And we cannot find a savior to release our pain

Our crimes all around us
Our victims
Our hate and all our bygone days
Humans are the losers of the universe

All we know is that we are demons
All we know is that we are liars
All we know is there is no way to escape our crimes

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