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Shifting Gears (2005)Edit

Z-Trip - Shifting Gears
Shifting Gears
  1. Intro
  2. Listen to the DJ (featuring Soup)
  3. All About the Music (featuring Whipper Whip)
  4. The Get Down (featuring Lyrics Born)
  5. About Face
  6. Furious
  7. Take Two Copies (featuring Busdriver)
  8. For My People (featuring Supernatural)
  9. Bury Me Standing (featuring Luke Sick)
  10. Breakfast Club (featuring Murs) & Supernatural
  11. 3rd Gear
  12. Everything Changes (featuring Aceyalone & Mystic)
  13. Walking Dead (featuring Chester Bennington)
  14. Shock and Awe (featuring Chuck D)
  15. Revolution (STR Parts 1 & 2)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Everything Changes (Ft. Aceyalone & Mysty)
  2. Whaddup
  3. What Does It All Mean?

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