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This song is by Z-Man and appears on the album Dope Or Dog Food (2004).

(Feat. Gingerbread Man, Tajai)

Nothin' but bussin and cussin and rippin over sommmethin tight
Homie go hit it, get loose
Spittin' and flippin rippin outrageously and bomb on sight
Look at 'em homie got glued (word)
Ready for any plenty infinity with they minds on the mic
Lookin' to get that juice
Arm me in semi auto inside a bottle splashin through your ride
Homie you just got glued

I could care less what you believe
What you perceive
What you hold in high esteem
You ain't up in my league
With each stride it seems
I'm uppin my lead
With each line ya dreams
Of touching me flee
My speech hit, like the stuckiest weed
Where we?
Have you stuck in your seat, you bare breathe
Is it you suckas can't read?
Or don't understand what beware means?
Frontin hard like 'y'all don't scare me'
The prime hit cha
Attack from all sides of 99 dimensions
With rhymin spine demention, ??? to lynch ya
Timbalands drizzlin on ya temples
For that shit you speak

Anybody who's lips loose

Scuffled and buckled up
By the knuckles till you drip and leak

Ah huh homie this means you

So watch it
I already cocked it
I'm ready to pop it
And can't none of y'all stop it
When I start
Rippin a pencil like it's a pistol and just blastin off
You know you're dealin' wit who
Mic addicts see it I grab it automatic ???
Time to pay the piper his dues
Hoppin this pimpin' pissin on all these pop powder puffs

What is y'all gon' do?

Stop look and listen, uplift it if it isn't loud enough

Come one now you glued
Don't forget the brag that be the slogan
Bottom of the ocean
Octopus holdin' your mermaid down while I chew the tuna
Thought I was conscious 'cause my appearance
I'm a dread head, red black and veggie ready for illin
Call me Z-Man!
Stabbin on the scene because there ain't one
Spraycan? I hit the wall with a paintgun
Whatchu doin' eatin fly soup again
Runnin' into bullets
Who the fuck you think you is, superman stupid?
Yes or no
You suckas are square like top of graduate hats
Talkin' bout guns dog, runnin' wit Sponge Bob
Fuck that shit, load it up and let me have it
Shoot me in front of mom, shoot me in my casket
There they go
Foes are goin' frantic fighting over my dead rotting body
Till I get up in ya area'
Look atcha boy with his pen on safety
Plus he got a mess
Takin' baby steps to come and get wit crutches
Ready for any counterfit funny bunnies thinkin' they tight
Step right up and get bruised
Fuckin' 'em up and leavin' 'em dead pushin their shells to the side
Now what the fuck you gon do?
Throw on my beanie, hoodie and burners and proceed to?
Ready for all the next crew
Word billy, sincerely clearly you feel pullin my boots out your ass
Shine 'em off and take two

Now what?
You stuck
Run up and get shut
Or shut up and run

You fuckin' rabbits
I'll chew you up and shit carrots
Swallow your pidegon coop and spit parrots
Are you amazed or embarrassed?

You couldn't raise an eyebrow
With that fugazi rhyme style
Nowadays, we hostile
Suckas get dipped scraped and knocked out
Man, shutcha lips just praise in?

Buh huh huh huh huh hee hee huh oh
Popeyes chicken eatin' exhaust breathin'
Staple your mouth stuck, you can't flow either
Girl, I tag Hieroglyphics all over your neck and nipples
Fly as a hippo
Arteries are full of crisco

(Tajai and Z-Man)
Sisters don't get it twisted we vicious but we still some freaks
Hopefully you are too
Perpetual sexual 'mone catch you with the ill technique
Now whatchu really wan' do?
Rippin these chicks into positions that they have never seen
Yeah lets try somethin' new
Gut 'em and shag 'em and have 'em braggin to they friends 'bout me
Baby doll you get glued

(Gingerbread Man)
You knowha I'm sayin'
That's how niggaz do it, you knowha I'm sayin'
Get glued to the motherfuckin wall, you knowha I'm sayin'
You knowha I'm sayin'
Mentality nigga
You knowha I'm sayin'
Then we take these little freaks, you knowha I'm sayin'
Take 'em over to the spot, you knowha I'm sayin', whatnot
You knowha I'm sayin'
Sniff sniff
You knowha I'm sayin'
Eitha coc or weed or cisco or somethin', you knowha I'm sayin'
I'm chillin' out, you knowha I'm sayin'
As usual wit that nigga Z-Man, Tajai, you knowha I'm sayin'
Yeah yeah what up to all the otha niggaz man, whasup to trecks out there
You knowha I'm sayin'
Wasup to my nigga Rasco, pass the tabasco nigga, knowha I'm sayin'

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