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​The Flasher

This song is by Ywis and appears on the album Ywis (1983).

It had always been latent deep inside
And it grew stronger every year
First he saw no harm in it at all
And people didn't think it strange
But then he was small
And people laughed
But now he sees a drastic change
As first he saw the laughter on their faces
He now sees traces of their fear

Now every time he sees
A woman he likes
He just can't keep it in
And since he bought that raincoat
In a sale
It gave the show a bigger thrill
The fact that he now works in the dark
Makes it even better still
And the horrified gazes on their faces
Are the most satisfying thing

People don't like what he does
Think of bad intentions
And with every discussion
This thing just gets bigger dimensions
In the state of mind they're in

So he keeps showing himself
It's his way of living
Constantly flashing about
It's his way of giving
The best he can offer you