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​Homo Sapiens

This song is by Ywis and appears on the album Ywis (1983).

It took a lot of time
But now that man is finally here
We're doing mighty fine
We're moving in our highest gear
We may be in our prime
And may have come in at the rear
But it is all in line
We're the best and nothing comes near

We're the best (We made it)
We're the best (We made it better here)

People do you hear
We are the kings of the creation
We made it better here
Because we have a great imagination
We made it
We're the best
And nothing comes near

In just a couple of ages
We completely changed the Earth
Just a few more stages
And we can even clean our dirt
We will get the wages
For exploiting Mother Earth
It's bloody advantageous
To be a homo sapiens by birth