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Dj Keep Playin' (Get Your Music On)

This song is by Yvette Michelle and appears on the album My Dream (1997).

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Dj Keep Playin' (Get Your Music On)
(Feat. Full Force)

(Full Force)
Super Sperm
Where Brooklyn at?
Where Brooklyn at?
(Repeat throughout song)

(Bowlegged Lou)
Oh yeah

(Yvette Michelle)
You're my favorite DJ

(Bowlegged Lou)
Bowlegged Lou the house
With the star of the show
Yvette Michele

(Yvette Michelle)
Don't stop now

(Bowlegged Lou)
Full Force up in here
Brooklyn's finest, uh

(Yvette Michele)
DJ keep playing and playing and playing
Get your music on
And on and on and on
DJ keep playing and playing my song
Get your music on
And on and on

Turntable mixer
You're my favorite DJ in the world, oh, oh
When I'm on the dancefloor
Your music makes me a freakin' girl, oh, oh

The way you make me feel
I can't deny your beats are so fly
I'll meet you in the DJ booth
So I can feel it more
Keep on playing

You be checkin' me
While my body's moving on the floor, oh, oh
We're keeping eye contact
Baby, you know I'll be back for more, oh, oh

Check one, check two
You know what to do
You got my body so hot
Making love to my mind
As you watch me shake it
(Shake that ass girl, I'll make it nice and wet)

(Full Force)
To the break everybody

(Yvette Michelle)
DJ keep playing and playing
And playing and playing

(Full Force)
To the break everybody, to the break everybody
Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Grand Master Flash
All the hip-hop DJ's, the Nightclub DJ's, the radio DJ's
The house party DJ's, the mixtape DJ's, the street DJ's
The Old School, New School, and the True School DJ's

DJ keep playing and playing and playing

(Fred "Buggz" Bug)
Hey, yo, it's MI flava radio
And the clock on the wall says
That's about all
For the "My Dream" album from Yvette Michelle
I'm Bugsy, you be nice to somebody short
You never know when somebody short
Might have to be nice to you

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